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IV Treatment & Clinical Nutrition Therapy

– Amino Acid Replete
– Anti Aging Formula IV Push
– Asthma
– Candida Protocol
– Easy Myers cocktail
– Executive Stress Formula
– Fibromyalgia Formula
– General Vitamins 
– HDIVC100
– Hydration Hang Over
– Immune Support

– IV rejuvenation-Beauty Formula
– Jet Lag
– Malnutrition
– Mega C antiviral
– Migraine Protocol
– Multivitamin Mineral
– NAD Protocol
– Stress and fatigue
– Super Immune Cocktail
– Tissue Wound Healing
– Ultimate Cocktail
– Weight Loss
– Anti Hypertensive IV formula
– Amino Acid 10% blend formula

– Athlete IV
– Mind Sharpener
– Stress Buster
– Pain Support
– Intro to IV clinical nutrition (Easy Myers-Glutathione-VIT C 10G)
– Cachexia Protocol
– Argentyn Silver Protocol for infections
– PolyMVA protocol for Cancers
– Alpha Lipoic acid IV for cancer

Notice:  The IV Treatment and clinical nutrition therapy is NOT FDA approved, and no claim is made for any cure of any medical conditions, however it might help for general wellness.

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