CoolSculpting & TruSculpt are both modalities to treat fat.

CoolSculpting uses cyrolipolysis, which uses cold temperatures to freeze the fat, killing and permanently reducing the fat cells.  It is a reliable, consistant and effective method of permanently reducing fat cells - but you must have a distinct buldge in order to have the treatment done. 

TruSculpt, which uses radiofrequency and comfortable heat and can treat anywhere from the shoulders down. Trusculpt causes a "natural" cell death and results are seen in 4-6 weeks.  Everyone is a candidate for TruSculpt as there is no "pinch rule" or need to have enough skin/fat to suck up into a handpiece. 

A beautiful healthy face has a  natural ”V-shape.” With aging, gravity pushes down this naturally youthful shape, especially as our jowls and jawline begins to droop. Fortunately, a new therapy has been FDA-approved that especially address the aging jawline, an area fillers and Botox (with all of their amazing qualities) has not been able to ideally treat. Nova Threads specially targets the jawline and jowls and is also used to lift cheeks and the forehead. It can even be used to lift a sagging nose bridge, another tell-tale sign of aging other treatments don’t well address.Nova Threads are preloaded needles inserted under the skin’s surface.

Sublime™ and Sublative™ applications are the newest generations of eMATRIX™ and ReFIRME™! Combined together to create the eTWO Facial Rejuvenation Treatment, this technology in the most up-to-date and revolutionary! The treatments are safe and efficient, and the results are astonishing!

When the peeling started I was OK to start moisturizing.  You will also be given a tube of moisturizer in the take-home kit that is the  Apply this magic to your face as many times as you need it!  I mixed mine with a little Vaseline at night for some extra moisture and massaged it for several minutes.  The skin just rolled up and pretty much jumped off my face.

By Dr. Paul Flashner, Chief Medical Director for American Laser Skincare

Along with cookies, presents and carols, the holidays bring stress, and with stress - acne. Pimples are bad enough, but when they leave behind unsightly scars, the damage lasts much longer and can lead to problems with self-esteem.

For American Laser Skincare employees Carly* and Amy*, acne was more than just a skin problem, it became a confidence problem.

In Amy’s case, acne started during adolescence with the resulting scars affecting more than just her face. Amy said the insecurity about her acne scars lowered her self-esteem and confidence into entering new relationships.