Double Oxygen Facial $159 – This facial uses plant stem cell technology, peptides and antioxidants which are infused into the skin using a pressurized oxygen infusion machine.  It is a papaya enzyme peel, with an effervescent oxygenating mask, followed by a tinted moisturizer.  This facial will brighten and tighten face and is good for all skin types.

Customized Facial $85- consult with Esthetician to customize the facial to your specific skin needs.  This is not a peel.  Good for all skin types.

The Signature Facial $109- Vitamin C facial which speeds up cellular metabolism.  Good for all skin types.

Ormedic Balancing Lift  $119 – A blend of papaya, pineapple, and mango, this non-chemical enzyme fruit peel naturally rebalances, regenerates, and restores your skin using organic ingredients with medical effectiveness. Perfect for unbalanced, hormonal skin (pregnant women, teenagers).

The following facials are Image chemical peels that require pre-treatment (such as Signature Facial) to get the skin ready for more aggressive treatments.

Wrinkle Lift $109- light to moderate chemical peel to improve circulation and tighten skin.

Acne Lift $109- light to moderate chemical peel to reduce acne and resurface skin.

Lightening Lift $109- mega lightening treatment for evening skin tone.