We now offer truSculpt™ in practice, which is the latest and most effective procedure for non-invasive fat reduction and body sculpting/contouring.  The Cutera truSculpt™ uses a proprietary radio frequency (RF) technology that allows uniform heating of the subcutaneous fat layer at sustained therapeutic temperatures. The fat cells are destroyed during this process and then broken down/disposed of by the body over up to three months.  The truSculpt results are subtle and ideal to remove those small amounts of fat that stubbornly remain despite a good diet and regular exercise. The truSculpt system is also used for the temporary reduction of the appearance of cellulite.  Compared to older, alternative approaches such as ultrasound, a truSculpt treatment is more comfortable, faster and most importantly more effective.  truSculpt is clinically proven to deliver deep, uniform heating to all body areas with comfort and eases and reduces the appearance of Cellulite. Results last up to 2 years.