For Medical Massage, Licensed Massage Therapists are an extension of the physician’s care.  Medical massage does not refer to any specific technique and may, in fact, utilize various massage modalities. By definition, medical massage is massage therapy prescribed by a physician, performed following the directives of that physician. You will need to pick up a Physician Referral/Prescription Form and have your Physician fill it out completely before you can receive treatment.  You will be responsible for paying for your service upfront and we will file the CMS 1500 Form for you to receive your reimbursement.  Not all insurances will cover your massage.  We focus on liability cases such as slip and fall, auto accidents and Workman’s Comp cases.  This is not a relaxation massage, but a therapeutic massage for patients whom it has been deemed medically necessary. Your massage will only include the areas prescribed by the Physician.  If  you have any questions or concerns, call us at (985) 641-5476.