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Perfect Derma Chemical Peel

The Perfect Derma Peel Experience!

When the peeling started I was OK to start moisturizing.  You will also be given a tube of moisturizer in the take-home kit that is the bomb.com.  Apply this magic to your face as many times as you need it!  I mixed mine with a little Vaseline at night for some extra moisture and massaged it for several minutes.  The skin just rolled up and pretty much jumped off my face.

It’s super important during this process that you do not pick, peel, or rub the skin.  This will increase your chances of hyper-pigmentation.  It also burns like a mother under that dead skin so let it be!  Also, I know you want to touch your new baby butt soft skin, but keep those germy fingers away from your face! Let that pretty little face heal.

Now let’s talk about SUNSCREEN!  You need a good SPF to protect that amazing new skin.  Plan your peel so that you are out of the sun for at least 5 days.  Yes, you can run your errands, but lather up with some Zinc oxide based SPF 30 or higher.  My favorites are by Image Skincare and Elta MD, which are both sold at our office.  They are the best.  Enough said.

Saturday I peeled again, and maybe again in some areas…

By Sunday I was just flaking and still sensitive but not as bad.  I would say that my skin was healed by the following Wednesday and was looking AMAZING!

I would highly recommend this peel!  I plan on having another one in the near future just because it’s THAT good.

Another pointer is that you should not exercise for a few days after the peel because too much sweating may cause the skin to become irritated.

Well that is the 411 the Perfect Derma peel!  Check out my pics of the peeling process and my post-treatment results!The Perfect Derma Peel Experience!

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