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Wellevate is the online dispensary we have used for many years.

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  • They carry 3rd party certified professional grade supplements.
  • You save 15% on every order.
  • They offer a $4.95 flat rate shipping on every order OR free shipping on orders over $49!
Wellevate, is a major distributor carrying over 20,000 best-in-class supplements with the most rigorous standards in the industryIf you need help with brands, doses, or a custom protocol – we are only a phone call away @ (985) 641-5476
Below is a list of many of the supplements we recommend regularly…
– Ginger extract
– Trace minerals
– Quercetin
– L methyle Folate
– Selenium
– Apple cider vinger tablets
– Silymarin
– Green coffee extract – (CoffeGenic)
– Pomegranate Plus
– TestoGain for men and women
– Mega Benfotiamine
– Pumpkin seed
– Green Tea extract
– Natural Brain Enhancer
– Garcinia
– Mega Hoodia for weight loss
– Alive fruit source Vitamin C
– Tri Alkali
– Allimax Pro
– TestoGain for men and women
– Vitamin D with Vitamin K1 + K2
– Chinese Red Ginseng
– Artemisia Synergy
– Ancient Nutrients Vitamin D + Vitamin K2
– Cinnamon Park
– Resveratrol Supreme
– Virgin Cococnut oil
– Triple EFA Guard
– Probiophage DF

Additional supplements we recommend that are from sources other than Wellevate.

– Glutathion spray (Glutaryl, Glutaryl +, Auro REST, Auro Awake)
– NAD+ Spray
– Argentyn 23
– Aloe Vera Concentrate
– Kangan water, Anespa, Ukon Tumeric
– Core Green Products
– Black seed Oil
Wellevate Logo

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